Our systems infrastructure team leverages TechBento Pulse, our remote management and monitoring platform, for auditing and administering your servers and critical systems. Along with the on-premise and helpdesk service expansions, we are also launching the next generation of TechBento Pulse.

TechBento Pulse now extends the same level of audit and control we have over infrastructure down to your desktops and end-user systems. The desktop tools are designed to support assurance programs, meet security compliance requirements, and ultimately provide remote administration including monitoring, auditing, and software management.  

That may not sound all that exciting as remote management tools are prolific in our industry.  Perhaps we saved the best news for last: TechBento Pulse has full OS administration and management capabilities for both Windows and macOS.  Apple’s macOS system is powerful but requires extend infrastructure to manage effectively.  The next generation of TechBento Pulse enables us to bring enterprise grade compliance management capabilities to your business for a fraction of the cost.