Remote Management and Monitoring

Managed Services begin with tools that remotely manage and monitor information technology systems.  There are many solutions available with different focus areas.  TechBento is a security-first managed services provider, so our tools reflect that.  Our clients expect insightful reporting, usable information, and remediation of issues before they become problems.  We guarantee that confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems meets your organizational needs so you can Trust Your Tech.

For many managed service providers, that’s all they do, but that’s not the TechBento way.  RMM is simply a starting point.  We love automation, we eliminate grunt work, and we let our enterprise experience craft solutions for small companies. TechBento leverages configuration management tools, extensive scripting and coding, application (and people) behavior monitoring, and an array of security and compliance tools to drive the work we do for our clients.

TLDR: RMM for Windows, macOS, and Linux is just the beginning, we also do intense cloud application management, cloud infrastructure management, configuration management, compliance and end-point security.

TechBento RMM solutions monitor servers for health and performance continuously with proactive management plans.  Alarms tripped are remediated based on urgency and service level agreements.

TechBento’s RMM systems integrate with Office365 and G-Suite for subscription and performance monitoring. From there we integrate your company’s cloud applications into Cloud Application Security solutions for advanced security oversight.

We are macOS, Linux, and Windows ninjas.  We include reactive and proactive monitoring/management for all devices including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. TechBento has integrated multiple systems to take advantage of the operating system and MDM layers in service delivery.

Remote monitoring extends to key production systems including network connected printers.  Our teams can spot trouble and alert your vendors.

TechBento’s networks typically include firewalls, switches, wireless access points and site-to-site VPNs. Our alert, tracking, and reporting methodologies integrate into our systems to and let us see your infrastructure with clarity and insight.

TechBento’s mission is to safeguard end-user privacy and maintain company security.  Our client specify tolerance for each area and we provide bespoke solutions that can range from total privacy to end-users all the way to continuous behavior monitoring.

Security Focused.

TechBento adapts a security-first approach and our tooling reflects that.  We conduct routine site assessments to capture compliance problems for both regulatory issues and those organizations choose to implement themselves.  Many of our clients require SEC, FINRA, broker dealer, FISMA, PCIDSS, and HIPAA compliance, so guaranteeing basic safeguards is a logical first step.  Each customer receives routine site security reports that inform and help determine remediations steps.

Monitoring and Alarms.

TechBento monitors an array of systems including servers, applications, websites, production hardware, etc.  Alarms are tuned at each site to produce useful and actionable information.  We treat alarms in context of their impact.  Regardless of service level agreement, we know uptime is important.  Our solution consultants always have a complete picture of systems and make remediation decisions based on clear data and insight.


TechBento’s PULSE remote management and monitoring solution targets servers and workstations (Windows, macOS, Linux), printers, storage devices, networking equipment, and critical hardware.  From here we have detailed insight into what is running and what requires attention. However, our automation and security tools extend far beyond this with configuration management, remote script execution, source code checkout, secrets storage subsystems, cloud applications, and more.  We integrate with Cloud Application Security and Mobile Device Management Not. Lastly we have an Ansible powered macOS management tool that gives us complete authority over designated systems.


When working with TechBento you can expect our teams to have total visibility and control over the systems you deem operationally important.  Systems that we manage receive antivirus oversight, compliance auditing against your organizations security requirements, remote script execution, file transfer, and of course remote desktop for assisting and managing your devices.

Mindful Reporting.

We have spent years improving reporting systems to hand useful information to our clients. The TechBento Audit Stack is designed to provide insight and planning. We build our reports so that they are easy to understand by non-technical decision makers, provide valuable information, and grade our performance.  Ultimately, we want to be held accountable for the work we do for our clients as much as supply useful information for our clients to use in future planning.

Custom Actions and Scripts.

Did we mention we all have software development backgrounds?  Our team is pretty certain that we leave our competition in the dust because all our staff have written and committed production quality code to solve problems, packaged and signed installers, and distributed simple and complex event scripts to automate basic tasks and complex workloads.  TechBento’s teams routinely write automation instructions. While sometimes it may be to correct an application error, other times it might be to launch entire Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.  We bring DevOps to small business managed IT services.

What are you waiting for? Call us to get started with TechBento Managed IT/IS Services for Small Business. We will talk about your needs, perform an initial audit, deploy our tools, and develop a successful and sustainable information technology practice that fits your needs.