IT/IS Management

TechBento provides all the information technology services you would expect from a traditional managed service provider coupled together with an aggressive security posture, bespoke solution design, and fiduciary responsibility. Trust Your Tech.

TechBento provides bespoke, value driven, and forward-thinking technology solutions for our clients. We are a modern information technology & security consulting company that embraces risk management, operational excellence, and collaborative solutions. TechBento puts senior solution consultants as the first point of contact and to expedite requests and provide exceptional service for our clients and the shared responsibility model is the cornerstone of our technology practice.  Our clients value best-in-class hardware and software, employee independence, and freedom from the IT help-desk.

Although TechbBento is vendor-agnostic, we lean towards Apple Business Solutions and Amazon Web Services to meet customer objectives.  Despite our preferences, we develop and manage solutions on macOS & Windows, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google G-Suite, Office 365.  We provide all the services you would expect from a managed service provider coupled together with advanced security posture and fiduciary responsibility.

We are a nano-company by design obsessed with serving our clients better than anyone else.  Our growth comes from developing client relationships and continuously proving valuable to our clients.  We do not require long-term contracts, document everything, and make our clients happy every day.


CISM, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google Accreditations and Certifications.

Confirmed Expertise

Certifications prove that we can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


DevOps culture, automation, and capability approach to infrastructure.

Ensure availability and facilitate continuous improvement.

Today’s cloud application users expect a seamless experience. Deployment, scaling and delivery with continuous integration.


Meet the demands of a rapidly changing business environment.

Service level agreements for your needs.

Our technology products and solutions help companies enhance the capability of their people, process, and infrastructure.

Managed Information Technology & Security.

TechBento’s core IT/IS management solutions include networking hardware management, cloud application and service management, mobile and on-premise device management, security policy and tools, infrastructure (containers, server instances, and hypervisors), documentation, support request handling, collaboration tools, hardware and software inventory, routine system audits, pro-active maintenance, alerts/alarms and response, and executive reports.

Managed Services
Apple Business
Cloud Applications

Strategy & Consulting.

TechBento information technology and security management practices are scoped to client requirements.  We work with companies to establish successful IT practices. As principle-centered managers we go beyond sharing information. We bring personal quality, innovation and continuous improvement to companies. Our perspective is focused on three key areas: confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Professional Services.

Professional services will vary in scope per client, and include strategic an operational aspects of information technology and security management, system design and architecture, system administration and management of on-premise and cloud infrastructure.  We also bridge support for your end-users and end-user devices.

Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner.

We have a demonstrated history of successful AWS deployments, required accreditations and certifications to develop solutions on the Amazon Cloud. Our services focus around building office and small business architecture on the Amazon Cloud. Our key focus is on developing on-premise and cloud solutions that coexist and extend confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems for our clients. We can move your entire network to AWS or a single application.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Collaborative development of Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Crisis Communication Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP), and Cyber Incident Response Plans (CIRP) with NIST SP 800 series guidance. Our expertise is working with smaller companies to asses cybersecurity risks, make necessary recommendations for controls, and implement practical solutions.

Cyber Incident Security Team.

We are ready, and qualified, to become a core component of your Cyber Incident Security Plan (CIRP) and the incident management team. Cyber events, or disruptions, can come from many sources including hardware failures, environmental issues, hostile actors, malware, poor security practices, and your own staff. Whether you have a cyber event plan ready or not, we do have a procedures and processes for working with new and existing clients during times of distress.

Risk Assessment Workshops.

Preparing for an information security event and assessing risk can be daunting, but does not need to be.  We have taken the core concepts from NIST 800-30, 800-34, 800-53 and adapted it to small business.  In fast-paced and dynamic workshops we can go through the process of assessing risk, business impact analysis, and prioritization to help your business develop the necessary guides for dealing with cybersecurity events.

Cloud Migration Services.

Human managed, U.S. based, migration planning, provisioning, and support services. We have proven expertise in migrations of mail systems (Exchange/G-Suite/Office365), customer relationship management (SalesForce, FreshSales, PipeDrive), cloud applications and infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and RackSpace), and more.  We leverage methodologies that are high-fidelity, well planned, and performed on schedule reducing downtime. 

Purchase Planning.

We are brand agnostic because we do not sell hardware. It is simply impossible to remain objective when trying maximize profit on a sale. Instead, we offer purchase planning and assistance with recommendations. Our recommendations can be taken directly to sales professionals at your preferred vendor.

Vendor Security Audits.

We provide ISO 27001-27005 derived vendor assessment, auditing, and review assistance. We can help analyze your business needs and help review suitable vendors for meeting that demand. In today’s cloud driven world, asking the right questions of your providers today is exceptionally important. Our standards driven approach can assess contractors, developers, and SaaS services.

SaaS Consulting.

The Cloud is an excellent choice to deliver communication and collaboration technologies to any company. Many SaaS systems for accounting, time management, customer relationships, etc are built with integration in mind. Seemingly easy to deploy and launch, most companies rely on professionals to help them incorporate the new systems into daily business.

Advanced Data Protection and Recovery.

We don’t want to see data lost, so we offer a range of solutions to keep that from happening. We offer value-driven solutions for file synchronization, remote access, and offsite backup that will work with reliability and predictability. If, however, you’re not our customer and are now facing a data loss disaster, we can help there too. We have forensic-grade data recovery assets at our disposal for restoring and recovering data from lost and damaged drives, arrays, and even systems.

24/7 Service Help-Desk.

TechBento offers a 24/7 Level 1 helpdesk through a strategic partnership.  Although our primary goal is to wean organizations from the dependence on IT help-desk, we acknowledge that some organizations require extensive end-user support.  For those clients we offer a cost-effective, predictable, and high-quality service desk solution.  Tethered to our desktop remote management tools is live support from a North-American based call center with technicians working directly under our senior team’s supervision.