Apple Business Management

TechBento has proven methods and experience in automating and orchestrating macOS systems for small to medium organizations.  Apple offers the ability for a company to purchase a device that will self-provision policies, settings, and applications on startup. This enables business to remain agile and decentralized, eliminate the need for centralized domain systems and servers while still ensuring compliance and security.  However, none of that happens by magic.  Carefully orchestrated environments composed of Apple Business Manager, Volume Purchase Program, Device Enrollment Program, Mobile Device Management, and Remote Monitoring and Management solutions make this a reality.  Every business, small and large, can benefit for these technologies.  They help you Trust Your Tech & Trust Your Mac.

Although there are many companies that offer end-user device monitoring and compliance, most fall short.  Apple’s incessant focus on end-user privacy and security makes it tough to do any and all of those things.  At TechBento we know the complexities and the nuances of orchestrating macOS environments.  We consistently outperform and outpace our competition because we know macOS and we know Apple.

TLDR: Automation Excellence for macOS and iOS devices.

TechBento provides powerful managed automation solutions for your environments that bring together all enterprise technologies and enable small companies to do big things.

ABM enables your company to do three things: offer company owned iCloud IDs to staff, purchase App Store software and license it to devices instead of people, and assign devices to MDM when they are purchased so they can self-provision on startup.

For companies choosing to use Apple products ensuring compliance goes beyond auditing and into control.  Mobile Device Management alone cannot do the job.  TechBento’s macOS management platform supplies the visibility, controls, and capabilities your company needs to meet all regulatory requirements.

MDM is a subsystem of macOS and iOS (also Windows) that enables companies to remotely wipe devices, deal with cybersecurity events, and enforce certain policies and restrictions.  TechBento includes MDM solutions as part of our macOS management or we can extend the capabilities of your existing system.

Apple’s products outrank all other hardware manufacturers because they can do things others cannot: among them is the bonding a newly ordered device to your company before it arrives in your hands. By using the DEP program TechBento enables your business to preconfigure devices with security policies, settings, and applications with no effort as the device boots up.

VPP enables companies to purchase paid and free apps and distribute them via MDM to iOS and macOS devices. Among the biggest benefits is the ability to assign licenses to devices, instead of users, and thus not require AppStore sign-ins to use these apps.

Comprehensive device management and support.

TechBento has embraced Employee Choice and Shared Responsibility since the beginning.  We are strong supporters of Apple solutions in business because they offer systems that employees are familiar with, are best-in-class for quality and user experience, and come with a network of stores and third-party services that relish operational excellence.  We are proud to extend our services to clients that leverage Apple solutions and support our clients as they choose to add Apple devices to their work environments. From BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to full Enterprise management, we offer the expertise and proven track record of managing Apple devices better.

Apple Business Manager.

Your business should be using Apple Business Manager to handle iCloud identities for staff, volume purchasing for application (both iOS and macOS), and for assigning Device Enrollment Program policies to hardware you buy through your own Apple eCommerce system.  We help businesses attain operational excellence in all of these areas and support our clients as they extend the functionality of ABM with MDM and automation platforms.

Monitoring and Automation.

TechBento uses industry leading automation technologies to fully manage and administer macOS machines.  Our mix of solutions include Ansible powered automation, Mobile Device Management, and extensive integration to security subsystems.  TechBento can guarantee your business compliance with SEC, Finra, FISMA, and HIPAA while giving end-users an experience that is flexible and enjoyable.   Our suite of automation technologies is bundled with flexible policies,  no upfront investment in licensing or hardware, and ongoing proactive care for your critical assets.

Mobile Device Management.

TechBento PULSE, our RMM suite, includes MDM features or can be leverage to extend your existing MDM infrastructure.  We have have thousands of devices on Meraki System Manager, VMWware’s AirWatch, and our integrated MDM.  Combined with our practices and procedures, we help companies comply with regulatory requirements and control their systems.

Apple Device Enrollment Program.

Before MDM and automation Apple offers the Device Enrollment Program. This is an opportunity for companies to purchase Apple hardware and claim ownership over it before it ever powered up. Devices provisioned within DEP check-in on startup and immediately begin to download MDM policies.  From accepting terms of service to installing software, all of this is handled by systems that first obtain information from the Apple DEP program.  TechBento solution consultants will work with you to establish a DEP account, integrate it with your MDM and automation technologies, and provide ongoing support for these systems.

Apple Volume Purchase Program for Business.

The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses to purchase apps and books in volume for distribution to their users. By leveraging Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management, TechBento is able to help your business distribute applications (free and paid) to devices without the need for AppStore sign-ins.

What are you waiting for? Call us to get started with your Apple macOS and iOS managed technology solution. We will get you going on ABM, DEP, VPP, MDM, and automation as part of your TechBento Managed Services engagement.