Transitioning to modern access architecture with Zero Trust should be on every organization’s priority list.   Let us help you move to a modern and more holistic system of verification to manage enterprise security and to combat threats differently.

TechBento has adopted a modern approach to security called “Zero Trust,” which is based on the principle: never trust, always verify. This security approach protects our company and our customers by managing and granting access based on the continual verification of identities, devices and services.

Although transitioning to Zero Trust is a multifaceted journey that can span many years, the architecture powerfully addresses the security challenges that modern companies face. Bento Holdings knew that implementing Zero Trust would result in a notable shift in the way users access the corporate environment at TechBento, so we created a layered approach to securing both corporate and customer data.  Our multistep implementation strategy is centered on strong user identity, device health verification, and secure, least-privilege access to corporate resources and services, all backed by rich data insights that reduce the risk of unauthorized lateral movement across the corporate network. We apply these same principles to help our customers accelerate their transitions to Zero Trust.

Zero Trust is not a tool or a process – it’s a methodology.  No managed security or services provider can claim support for Zero Trust if they themselves have not gone through the transition.  The Zero Trust methodology extends to all boundaries including those from the supply chain — you simply cannot have Zero Trust if the company with access to your information systems has not yet transitioned. We have and now we help our clients do the same.

Assess the Zero Trust maturity stage of your organization and receive targeted milestone guidance, plus a curated list of resources and solutions to move forward in your comprehensive security posture.  Reach out to us for a Cyber Security Evaluation.

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