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Pitch Hitter IT Management

TechBento’s professional services extend to company IT departments and reduce cybersecurity risks.  Consider adding us to your information technology team as consultants, partners, and cybersecurity professionals. We provide expertise and resources that compliment existing IT operations while expanding business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. From improving risk assessment, through ensuring control and compliance, to developing recovery plans and supporting disaster response, TechBento will strengthen your technology posture.  Our on-demand pricing means we are there for you only when you need us.

I baseball, a pitch hitter is  player who bats in place of a teammate, typically at a critical point in the game.  TechBento will step in to help reduce pressure, ensure that your company’s needs are met, and be there as part of your cybersecurity incident response team.

That is hard to say, some individuals might. The reality is that your IT team might feel differently, or intimidated, or concerned over change.  We are confident that whatever the initial reactions may be, we will find a way to work well together.  TechBento will add value to your business whether it is in expanding your own capabilities, reducing your costs, or providing additional oversight. 

TechBento works with existing IT managers, system administrators, or technicians on established rules of engagement. We review your existing processes, make recommendations, and establish a level of collaboration that works for everyone. We want to foster good-will through empathy and shared learning.

Why choose TechBento?


Cybersecurity means protecting electronic devices and electronically stored information. Cybersecurity is a component of information security and addresses protection and restoration of information technology within an organization. All organizations are different and thus require different levels or protections. Likelihood is the chance that a threat will affect a business and serves as a guide in determining what protections should be put into place.


Strategic thinking is at the heart of information security and each organization needs to meet demands of adequate security. Any company, big or small, should be capable of doing an inventory of all information technology assets and analyzing risks. For small organizations this can be as simple as understanding each asset’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability needs; rating it’s importance to the business and acceptable recovery points and time windows; and allocating resources for methodical solutions to the most important parts.