Proof of compliance infosec consulting, program development, and implementation. Small companies attempting to build a complete security assurance programs often find controls development overwhelming. Our team will accelerate your program development and build information security practices that support your policies, security assurance program, and compliance.

Absolutely.  We are a Tugboat Logic Solutions Partner and we’ve developed policies, controls, and evidence collection for customers wishing to support their security assurance programs with internal audit all the way through to SOC 2 Type II attestation.

Tugboat Logic provides a platform, templates, guidance, and evidence submission to external auditors.  However, Tugboat Logic does not offer professional services around the technical aspects of implementing infosec programs. This is where we can assist your executive team, or your information technology team, and implement solutions that make your business more secure and enable you to demonstrate the program to your customers, vendors, and investors.

Your security program is a key ingredient in trust. That trust is extremely important. It helps you safeguard employee attrition; demonstrate to potential recruits that your business is properly structured; secure investment and capital; support the security assurance programs of other companies; reduce supply chain risk; and close deals faster.

Your organization needs to develop the security assurance program from beginning to end internally. Tugboat Logic will expedite and ease that process, but it does not do it for you. If your executive team is involved, you have infosec staff, and you have substantial experience in information technology management then this is something you can absolutely do on your own. However, if any one of those areas feels a bit weak than this is where we will help.  Ultimately your team, Tugboat Logic, and our team come together to develop and implement a turnkey security assurance program.

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