Managed Services – Unmatched In Scope and Value

TechBento is enterprise resources to small business.  Clients choose us because we put cyber-security first, we understand complex business technology problems, we invest in our company and use premium products and services to support our clients, and can equally deal with end-user challenges.  TechBento is managed and staffed by industry veterans committed to our client’s successes.  We offer many of the same services that typical MSP’s provide along with majority of solutions that are far more important and far less applied.  To put it simply, our specialty is giving customers control, compliance, and solve big business problems effectively.

Our choices for remote management, monitoring, and automation technologies have been based on our wants and our client needs.  We choose to work with industry leaders and leverage tools that are simply better.   It’s one thing to say we do something, it’s another to do it exceptionally well.  

All solution consultants at TechBento have backgrounds in software development. Unlike majority of MSPs that hire help-desk staff, our team backgrounds are in DevOps and SecOps. Additionally, all of us have lead teams and businesses. Our perspectives align with our business owners and we always focus on adaptive problems before technical ones.

TechBento clients consistently report increased value and reduced spending on their technology assets.  We help our clients reduce spending by cutting waste, implanting the proper solutions, and offering services in areas where most MSPs are unable to including compliance, workflow automation, business management, and operations.  

Services Snapshot