IT/IS Management.

No matter what SLA you choose, we promise to address requests promptly, never be stretched thin, and never too busy. Service level agreements guarantee response rates consistent with your objectives. You can find our Service Level Agreement Policy here.

Last Updated July 1, 2023.

Information Technology Services

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Bento Cyber Security Professional Services is a cybersecurity management offering from Bento Holdings. Available in four tiers, BCSPS enables small companies to establish an organized and proactive effort to manage cybersecurity risk.  Please visit subscriptions page to learn more.  As of June 1, 2022 all of our customers are automatically enrolled.  Talk to our sales team to learn more.

Pillar Scope
Identity Access control, remote workforce, connectivity.
Devices Monitoring, patching, lifecycle management, trust.
Apps Implementation, configuration management, administration.
Network Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, Smart Switches for SMB and Enterprise.
Infrastructure Servers and specialized systems for on-premise and clouds.
Data Data protection, continuity, and availability.

TechBento relies on key infrastructure technologies to support our clients. They include global administrative rights to cloud infrastructure, written security policies and procedures for security rights authorization, security gateways with anti-malware capabilities, commercial-grade WiFi transmitters, integrated lights-out functionality in servers, commercial-grade switches capable of QoS and VLANs, security software licensing as appropriate for all devices and server instances.  Additionally, our clients generally develop training and awareness programs for use of systems, reporting issues, and security awareness.


We believe the diversity of our people delivers tremendous value to us and our customers.  We also believe that the diversity of our customers enables us to continuously improve and develop our knowledge.  TechBento clients represent a diverse group of businesses located all over. Physical distance between us and our customers is an after-thought, because we have a proven track-record for working remotely.  


Business Hours


We serve customers during business hours, with after-hours support as-needed/available.


Handling Queues


Customers with higher tiered SLAs receive priority treatment whenever conflicts arise.


Time Objectives.


We are committed to meeting your recovery time objectives.