Your choice, our promise.

We offer a limited number of service level agreements to a limited number of organizations. No matter what SLA you choose, we promise to address requests promptly, never be stretched thin, and never too busy. Service level agreements guarantee response rates consistent with your objectives. You can find our Service Level Agreement policy here.

We are fiduciary to our clients. We promise to work in your best interest, remain vendor agnostic, and remain transparent in our actions.

The percentages reveal the amount of SLA slots consumed by our clients.  If you would like to join our customer family or change your service level agreement, please contact us.  Last Updated January 29, 2021.



  • Standard Support
  • Next Business Day
  • Monday through Friday (Excluding U.S. Holidays).
  • 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time US)
  • After-hours support not guaranteed.
  • IT Audit
  • Security Incident Response
  • Most common choice for small business with emphasis on self-reliance, shared responsibility, and low overhead.


  • Proactive & Rapid
  • Same Business Day
  • Monday through Friday (Excluding U.S. Holidays)
  • 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time US)
  • After-hours support not guaranteed.
  • IT Audit and SIG
  • Security Incident Planning
  • Greater emphasis on planning and continuity supported by rapid response.


  • Mission Critical
  • 4-Hour Response
  • Monday through Friday (Excluding U.S. Holidays)
  • 8am to 8pm (Eastern Time US)
  • After-hours support for mission-critical systems.
  • IT Audit, SIG, AUP
  • Security Incident Planning
  • Designed for regulatory or legal compliance.


  • Continuous Demand
  • 2-Hour Response
  • Monday through Friday (Excluding U.S. Holidays)
  • 8am to 5pm (Customer’s Time)
  • After-hours support for covered systems.
  • IT Audit, SIG, AUP, and VRMMM
  • Security Incident Testing
  • Focused on exceeding regulatory compliance and meeting fiduciary responsibilities.

TechBento provides bespoke services to select clients.  We limit the number of total number of organizations served and the number of organizations in each Service Level Agreement above Bronze. Our promise to ourselves is to maintain a healthy work-life balance, enjoy weekends, and spend time with our families. Our promise to you is never be stretched thin and never be too busy.  To do all of this effectively we need our customers to participate in the process.  The guidelines for communicating needs are defined here.  Please read them carefully and re-visit this page periodically.

SLA Burst.

Automatic activation of priority response for incidents and requests. TechBento’s SLAs describe operating practices and communication procedures.  Occasionally customers diverge from the process out of convenience, urgency, or circumstances. Despite the challenge in triaging such requests, we make an effort to answer those requests promptly. We automatically burst service level agreements to the next tier and dedicate staff to solving the issue.  Customers receive priority outside of an established agreement, charged at a premium and require customer communication through completion.  In other words, the bursts are billed at a higher rate, billed in increments, and require customer communicate the closure (or hold) of a request to release our team and stop billing. Burstable requests are treated as security incidents affecting confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.


Managed services and help-desks address the technical needs of an organization, while we take a holistic approach to information management and security.  Like most IT suppliers we provide collaboration and documentation workspaces, support and security tools, managed-services tools (and related response) for patches and alarms for all key systems, system administration and support.  Our cloud and on-remise consulting services cover system operations and strategic business requirements.  With this experience we have found that certain key elements are crucial to successful information technology programs and have aligned them with our service level agreements.

Elements (down) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
On-Premise Systems X X X X
Cloud Infrastructure X X X X
SaaS Support X X X X
Client Security Software X X X X
Client Remote Management X X X X
Mobile Device Management X X X
Request and Respond  X X X X
Pro-active Services X X X
Disaster Recovery Plan Maintenance X X
Business Continuity Plan Maintenance X
Security Information Questionnaires X X X
Agreed Upon Response Procedures X X
Vendor Risk Management Reviews X
Employee Security Awareness Training X X
Employee Security Awareness Assessments X

TechBento relies on key infrastructure technologies to support our clients. They include global administrative rights to cloud infrastructure, written security policies and procedures for security rights authorization, security gateways with anti-malware capabilities, commercial-grade WiFi transmitters, integrated lights-out functionality in servers, commercial-grade switches capable of QoS and VLANs, security software licensing as appropriate for all devices and server instances.  Additionally, our clients generally develop training and awareness programs for use of systems, reporting issues, and security awareness.

Shared Responsibility.

Shared support responsibility enables reduced downtime for employees and a lower total footprint for support costs and staff. While we provide infrastructure support services, you and your staff are responsible for the end-user devices and business applications. In areas of overlap, we work collaboratively.

In the traditional PC environment employees commonly deferred to the IT help desk every time that they encountered an issue because they typically weren’t involved in picking out or setting up their device. Since hardware and software were not always reliable, organizations were more prone to issues and frequent downtime. In contrast, TechBento supports the use of best-in-class hardware and software also ensure that employees have less need to call IT for support, and when they do, a refocused help desk can encourage them to learn and grow on their own.

Leveraging documentation and meaningful support requests, TechBento promotes a user-centric support program. Most importantly, we encourage users to have a shared stake in the process and getting them to investigate issues themselves before they call for help. It also means rethinking how the help desk works. The goal of each support ticket should always be to help users solve their own problems.


We believe the diversity of our people delivers tremendous value to us and our customers.  We also believe that the diversity of our customers enables us to continuously improve and develop our knowledge.  TechBento clients represent a diverse group of businesses located all over. Physical distance between us and our customers is an after-thought, because we have a proven track-record for working remotely.  

The IT Audit is an inward looking assessment of the customer’s information technology operation and key systems. It looks mostly at technical capabilities and highlights major concerns that may affect information security.  It is conducted at the time of engagement with a customer and can be updated on request or when major changes to infrastructure take place. Customer is responsible for acting on recommendations.

The SIG (Standardized Information Gathering )is the first outward looking component of Information Technology and Security Management. By using SIGs, an organization can obtain all of the information necessary to conduct an initial assessment of service providers’ cybersecurity, IT, privacy, data security and business resiliency controls.  TechBento will assist in conducting and reviewing SIGs for key service providers as part of our Silver, Gold, and Platinum SLAs.  The customer agrees to participate and support a SIG program.

The AUP (Agreed Upon Procedures) takes the reviews and audits to the next level by attempting to verify key pieces of the SIG. The AUP provides several vital functions. The AUP also sets forth the risk control areas to be assessed as part of an onsite assessment, as well as the procedures to be followed while conducting the assessment and the sampling procedures to be used.   TechBento actively leads AUP initiatives for Gold and Platinum Service Level Agreements.

The VRMMM incorporates vendor risk management best practices into a practical model, to assess the current and desired future state of a vendor risk management program and helps companies make well-informed decisions on how to spend limited resources to manage vendor-related risks effectively.  VRMMM resources and management are delivered as part of services under the TechBento Platinum Service Level Agreement along with Audits, SIGs, and AUPs.


Business Hours


We serve customers during business hours, with after-hours support as-needed/available.


Handling Queues


Customers with higher tiered SLAs receive priority treatment whenever conflicts arise.


Time Objectives.


We are committed to meeting your recovery time objectives.