IT/IS Management

TechBento is not your usual managed technology & security services company. We have spent years curating an enterprise-grade portfolio of solutions, built a diverse team of technologists, and developed practices that promote security and operational excellence.  Today, we bring you our bento – our box – of technology solutions that empower small and medium companies to trust their technology.  We help businesses develop successful technology practices without pressure from vendors, margins, or from reselling services.  TechBento is vendor agnostic, requires no long-term contracts from our clients, and operates with fiduciary responsibility to our clients.  TL;DR: Trust Your Tech.

We do big things for small companies


CISM, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google Accreditations and Certifications.

Confirmed Expertise

Certifications prove that we can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


DevOps culture, automation, and capability approach to infrastructure.

Ensure availability and facilitate continuous improvement.

Today’s cloud application users expect a seamless experience. Deployment, scaling and delivery with continuous integration.


Meet the demands of a rapidly changing business environment.

Service level agreements for your needs.

Our technology products and solutions help companies enhance the capability of their people, process, and infrastructure.