Apple Business just validated the Shared Responsibility Model

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The shared responsibility model has been the center of our end-user solutions, despite the idea being a tough sell.  Even today, it is relatively common for organizational staff to expect "help-desk" or "tech support" for issues big and small. While we modeled our business practices on shared responsibility within organizations, only Amazon Web Services was doing [...]

Amazon Cloud Outage

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According to reports, over 121,000 companies were affected today as Amazon Web Services encountered a massive problem within their infrastructure.  Major websites like AirBNB, FreshBooks, Twillo, ZenDesk, Pinterest, Lonely Planet,  MailChimp, Citrix, and even Apple's iCloud were experiencing issues among many more.  Certain Amazon Cloud hosted servers were completely offline while others had no visible impact. Among [...]

NIST Launches Beta Site for the Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC)

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The NIST CSRC Redesign Team have been developing a new version of CSRC, and today you can access the beta release at It will be available alongside for several months as NIST continues to fix issues, implement enhanced functionality, and migrate existing content. A completely overhauled Publications interface includes significantly more publication details, historical documents, [...]

New Website Goes Live

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It was time to make some changes to our site as we undergo expansion. With our primary site's reface we all of our brands will follow suit. We are in the process of unifying our identity under the same look and feel to better showcase the portfolio of products and services available to our clients. With [...]


Cybersecurity means protecting electronic devices and electronically stored information. Cybersecurity is a component of information security and addresses protection and restoration of information technology within an organization. All organizations are different and thus require different levels or protections. Likelihood is the chance that a threat will affect a business and serves as a guide in determining what protections should be put into place.


Strategic thinking is at the heart of information security and each organization needs to meet demands of adequate security. Any company, big or small, should be capable of doing an inventory of all information technology assets and analyzing risks. For small organizations this can be as simple as understanding each asset’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability needs; rating it’s importance to the business and acceptable recovery points and time windows; and allocating resources for methodical solutions to the most important parts.